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Are you looking for a lovely, warm but also powerful voice for a special occasion? Sylvia Frei is a professional singer with a trained voice and over 15 years of stage experience. Entertainment, the right feeling for the choice of music and the love of music make Sylvia the perfect singer for weddings, funerals and more.

Sylvia Frei

Singer with soul & rock

Lots of experience and a love of music make me a singer for all occasions. Whether in the studio, solo or with a band,

I am always there with a full voice and with all my heart.

More information, demos and how to book my voice can be found here.


Your singer Sylvia Frei


Foto von Sängerin für Hochzeiten


Current content, music videos, vocal recordings and personal information can be found here:

on my Instagram account Sylvia.Frei

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Songs for the church / free wedding ceremony:

Amazing Grace
Hallelujah deutsche Hochzeitsversion
Oh Happy Day LIVE
Book of Love LIVE

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new content

I ask for patience


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